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V8 Bikes and Trikes – Including Boss Hoss and Big Brute
Trusted site for V8 Bikes and Trikes, including Boss Hoss and Big Brute SuperCycles

Cosmos Muscle Bikes Brazil

Cosmos Muscle Bikes Brazil – V8 Engine New Legend Motorcycle

After developing and building some V8 projects to help some friends, the mechanical engineer Amadeu Ferreira Junior decided to build a V8 motorcycle by himself with a revolutionary concept of four wheels called Cosmos 4RWF.

He notes the potential success of his creation and that the international national market does not currently offer this kind of product to specific people who would like a high powered four wheel cycle machine, so he decided to build exclusive creations that are requested by others.

Cosmos Muscle Bikes Brazil is a company made to address this market, to satisfy the V8 Bikes enthusiasts demands.

Cosmos Muscle Bikes

Cosmos Muscle Bikes

The Motorcycles
These products consist of of high powered motorcycles, using V8 engine 5700cc 350hp. The company has adopted a policy of limited production to offer a more exclusive product to clients. The company possesses technology developed to follow international standards of quality and security. They are comfortable and their dimensions are custom built for individuals physical characteristics. Each motorcycle will come with a number to uniquely identify with the owner of record of the motorcycle.

Special Projects
The special projects are developed to suit customer requirements for larger sized motorcycles such as V8 trikes. The motorcycle is planned especially for the demanding enthusiast discerning customer. The motorcycles are high powered, conceived with high standards of trustworthiness and quality. The Cosmos Muscle Bike balances between a classic style and futuristic style. Manufactured with three main qualities: Beauty, Robustness and Technology.

Important Notes

The bikes are made to order using a Corvette engine 5700cc 350hp. All bikes will have a number and the owner will have their name correspond to the number on the bike.

Custom built bikes will take approximately six months to completion.

Customers will have the right to visit the Cosmos Muscle Bikes one time every fifteen days.

The waiting period will be listed in the purchase agreement with the date of the customer’s deposit. The first customer to make a deposit will take priority. First come, first served.

All orders should be accompanied by the measures of the customer, including the height, weight, length of arms and the legs and shoe size.

A limited number of ninety-nine 2RWF V8 and forty-nine 4RWF V8 will be made. There will be no number 13 number.

Cosmos Muscle Bikes

Cosmos Muscle Bikes


The 2RWF consists of a powerful bike with a low center of gravity. It transmits comfort and security in high speed because it has weight and it adheres to the road
US$ 82,100.00

Technical Specifications

Engine: ZZ4 Crate Engine 350CI 355HP HO Corvette
Horsepower: 350hp @ 5250 RPM – 5700cc
Transmission: 3 front and 1 review
Chassi : Monoblock on motor
Fuel Injection
Wheels: Front 17″, rear 17″
Brakes: front 02 discos / rear 01 disco
Front – telescópic
Rear – 01 pieces
Wheel Base: 2,00m
Frame : 0.70m
Overall Length : 2,50m
Seat Height: 0,60m
Tank: 16 liters
Dry Weight : 420 kg


The bike 4RWF, uses the COSMOS system to make curves, developed by Engineer Amadeu Ferreira Júnior.
The body and the arms are a part and the back wheels another part. – Body (arms front, front wheels, engine, fuel tank and seat)
back Wheels (two wheels and drive and shock absorber)
The system functions with two independent front wheels one of the other and if they move together for the sides, up and down.
In curves, the two arms together with the body slide laterally, while the two back wheels remain vertically.
The wheels turn until 33º for each side, being able to make curves of short radius.
In the curves in low speed only the wheels turn laterally and in high speed the wheels lie down as a normal motion.
When passing for unevenness, one of the wheels assimilates the irregularity of the road
US$ 93,200.00

Technical Specifications

Engine: ZZ4 Crate Engine 350CI 355HP HO Corvette
Horsepower: 350hp @ 5250 RPM – 5700cc
Transmission: 3 front and 1 review
Chassi : Monoblock on motor
Fuel Injection
Wheels: 2x Front 17″, and 2x rear 17″
Brakes: vfront 02 discs / rear 02 discs
Front -02 pieces
Rear – 02 pieces
Wheel Base: 2,03m
Frame : 0.90m
Overall Length : 2,60m
Seat Height: 0,70m
Tank: 22 liters
Dry Weight : 475 kg

See in youtube address:

These machines are sold direct by vendor shop or internet representative.

Exportation information:

Amadeu Ferreira Junior
Rua Rafael Puchetti, 845 – São José dos Pinhais – PR BRAZIL
Fone: +55 21 41 9955-9555 / 9191-9691

For more information on the Cosmos Muscle Bikes- please visit the manufacturers site:

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