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V8 Bikes and Trikes – Including Boss Hoss and Big Brute
Trusted site for V8 Bikes and Trikes, including Boss Hoss and Big Brute SuperCycles

Boss Hoss Motorcycles

A unique inventiveness to motorcycle design has been accomplished by Boss Hoss in their single speed one gear transmission configuration. The right angle drive transmission enables the length of the bike at a minimum and the V8 engine mounting inline with the bike frame made for a balanced design that is unparalleled by other V8 engine motorcycles.

Boss Hoss V8 Motorcycles

Boss Hoss V8 Motorcycles

The Boss Hoss offering has grown from the traditional ‘bike’ motorcycle to also include the three wheeled ‘trike’. The Boss Hoss Trikes have a new three speed transmission that takes advantage of the extra stability and trike rear axle.

The vehicles have enjoyed special added benefits due to the supreme engineering craftsmanship of their predecessors. The bikes now include two speed transmission with reverse, inverted front suspension, vacuum formed body panels, investment cast structural frame components, and many other specially designed components that increase the rigidity and smoothness and minimize the vibration of riding on a Boss Hoss motorcycle.

We are starting two new sections to this site, and we encourage you to discuss your thoughts and questions and answers and ideas regarding researching, purchasing, and renting in our Boss Hoss Motorcycles Discussion Forum or posting or viewing additional pictures of Boss Hoss Motorcycles in our Boss Hoss Motorcycles Image Gallery.

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Then please join or start a new discussion topic at our Boss Hoss Motorcycles Discussion Forum.

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